Why Sqoope ™

Why sqoope™

With the plethora of instant mobile messaging applications readily available for download off mobile app stores, what difference can sqoope™ make? Well sqoope™ for one is definitely not a run-of-the-mill application. Unlike all consumer applications that are disparate in their platforms, sqoope™ offers a unique and unified environment in which everyone in the Enterprise is able to communicate internally and efficiently. 


sqoope™ is the first Enterprise grade mobile messaging application to offer the four message indicators.


Send: Indicators on the initiation of time and date of the message.


Deliver: Indicates on the time and date the message was received.


Read: Indicators on the time and date the message was opened and read.


Acknowledge: Indicates with time and date that the other party has understood the contents of the message.

sqoope™ server on-site

sqoope™ servers are situated on premise of the Enterprise. This empowers the Enterprise with regulatory control of the system in managing compliance (e.g., HIPAA) risks and minimising the fear of security breaches or malicious activities that may occur. 


sqoope™ messages are secured be it in active or dormant states. Data are encrypted in the specifications of the Advance Encryption Standard (AES) – a widely regarded encryption standard in the mobile messaging industry.

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